Is vaping bad for my teeth?

The American public is only beginning to learn about the risks of vaping. Several dozen people have died from vaping-related conditions, while thousands more have come down sick with illnesses, including popcorn lungs. But how does vaping affect you or your children’s oral health? In reality, vaping is bad for your teeth. Here are some of the complications that can arise from vaping.

Increased risk of gum disease

First, it is essential to realize that vaping products contain nicotine. This is the same problematic chemical you find in regular cigarettes, resulting in many similar health problems. Also, repeated vaping will increase your risk of developing gum disease. Smoking nicotine causes swelling in the gums as well as inflammation. If you vape, you should be aware of the signs of gum disease, which can include symptoms like:

  • Receding gum line
  • Loss of teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Consistent bad breath

Higher risk of receding gums

Is vaping bad for teeth? It can affect your teeth if you don’t watch out for how it affects your gums. Nicotine limits blood flow to your gums, making them weak and prone to bleeding. If there isn’t enough blood flowing to the gums’ veins, the tissue won’t get the nutrients and oxygen needed to thrive. It eventually causes the gum tissue to shrink, which leads to a recession in the gum line. Over time, this can result in greater tooth sensitivity and an increased chance of developing cavities.

Tooth damage

It is also crucial for vapers to look at how vaping affects their muscles. Because of all of this extra stimulation, many people grind their teeth. Some people do it at night when they cannot stop themselves. Frequent nicotine usage can only compound the problem for people who already have a teeth-grinding problem. Without proper treatment, your teeth can start to crack and wear down over time. You may need a tooth filling, crown, or an implant if you want to repair the damage.

Dry mouth and excessive bacteria

Vaping also reduces the amount of saliva your mouth generates. Saliva is an integral part of good oral hygiene because it keeps your mouth moist and helps you swallow, taste, and chew. Dry mouth occurs when there isn’t enough saliva in your mouth. As a result, this creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and plaque, which leads to build-up around your teeth.

Increased risk of cancer

Vaping products are generally marketed as safer alternatives to smoking cigarettes, but they come with many risks, including an increased risk for oral cancers. A recent study from USC found that people who vape show the same oral cavity cancer development signs as those who smoke cigarettes. That’s not even getting into the myriad of diseases you expose yourself to by smoking cigarettes, including lung, bladder, and oral cancer.

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Much research remains to understand the effect on oral health better. Scientists are just beginning their research into the impact of vaping on the human body. Preliminary evidence indicates that vaping may be just as harmful to your health as smoking. It could even pose additional threats.

Regardless of whether you vape, you and your family members must maintain good oral health by scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings.

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