Meet Dr. Houser

Dr. Judith HouserDr. Judith Houser graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2001. Having 21+ years of diverse experiences, especially in General Dentistry, she affiliates with different dental clinics and cooperates with other dental care professionals to provide better dental care services. Prior to becoming a dentist she worked as a laboratory technician in Neurology at the University of Washington in St. Louis and the Dow’s Institute in Iowa City, Iowa where she was involved in the publication of several research papers. That passion for learning continues today as she has taken countess hours of advanced dental training to provide her patients with the best treatment possible.

When not caring for her patients, Dr. Houser can be found spending time with her husband, Brian, and her two Siberian cats, Anya & Buffy. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and knitting. She is always taking up a new hobby. Through the years she has learned to play the mandolin, archery and speak German.